Dovoy offers a wide portfolio of chemical products for Pre-treatment, Dyeing & Printing and Finishing. Dovoy has wide range of textile auxiliaries which are designed to offer solutions for the entire textile wet processing from pre-treatment & OBA’s, Dyeing, Finishing, Specialized Printing, to Next Generation enzymes. Each product category having different types of products, each with their own specific chemical purpose….!

Desizing Enzymes

An amylase enzyme is used for desizing process from low to high temperature at slightly acidic to neutral pH. These enzymes are specific for starch, removing it without damaging the support fabric.

Product Description
Dovoy-Zyme LT series Conventional alpha amylase enzyme in liquid form for desizing in exhaust and semi continuous process. This removes sizing agents such as starch as well as synthetic sizing agents at room temperature conditions.
Dovoy-Zyme HT Series Cost-effective, conventional alpha amylase in liquid form for desizing in exhaust, semi-continuous and continuous process. High temperature stable.
Dovoy-Zyme AT Series Formulated alpha amylase for textile desizing over a wide pH and temperature range with multipurpose and flexibility in application process.