At Dovoy, we value quality, safety and environmental consciousness and implement them in all our products.
Our ethics help us industry to operate safely, profitably and with due care for future generations.
It is all about reducing the environmental impact of our own operations – at the local site level, in our offices, our warehouses, in our production sites and in our families. It is important that we understand the value of protecting our environment and establish environment friendly lifestyle practices.
Going green is easier than we think, there are many ways that we can protect the environment, create sustainable practices in our everyday life and make lifestyle adjustments that we can implement to heal the earth.
We at Dovoy believe in developing our processes & products in a manner such that no harm is caused to life and nature. We believe in being ecologically conscious and providing our customers with not only the best but also the most eco-friendly products and we consider this as a serious social responsibility.

All the effluents created during various processes are disposed of carefully without causing any harm to the surroundings in our production sites. Thus, we are developing ourselves as an industry pertaining to ecological norms and developing the right products for a better tomorrow.


Environmental awareness is at an all-time high, especially when it comes to chemical cleaning products. ‘Green Cleaning’ has become a preference amongst clients in a variety of industries, and we are proud to actively promote environmental stewardship by consciously exploring ways to develop safer and more sustainable green formulae. As a result, we provide a dedicated range of ‘greener’ high-performance chemical auxiliaries– a range that is growing all the time. That way, we can help our clients to reduce both maintenance costs and their carbon footprints in one go. As a step forward Dovoy offers Dovozyme scour range for one bath process which replaces three step conventional scouring process that involves high temperature, strong alkaline bleaching chemicals and lots of water and steam. This environment friendly process protects the cotton and full-fills the wishes of consumers who are increasingly demanding more sustainable clothing without affecting the environment. Dovozyme Scour Saves water and energy, thereby reducing carbon footprints whilst maintaining requisite quality standards at favourable economics.


The key word to our philosophy at Dovoy is safety. At our production site and laboratory maintains and try to improvise continuously the required safety parameters. We comply to health and safety standards as per the regulator’s requirement. We take the utmost care when formulating our products and use non-toxic compliance raw materials where possible. We also make sure that user directions on our products are presented precisely and accurately, and that all products are properly and clearly labelled. We also produce MSDS’s (Material Safety Data Sheets) detailing safe storage and user information for all our products, which is available on our website.